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In these days, everybody together is interested in a hot game known as Rules of Survival. Indeed, NetEase does not let gamers wait for too long. They decided to launch a PC version in English of Rules of Survival. Now, we can own Rules of Survival PC without effort.

If you are one of the people, who care about the game, you will not feel confused when it appears since it is the English release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a Chinese game inspired by Battlegrounds.

Although Rules of Survival PC is the game that was developed in a long time, it becomes popular when it has the survival mode, which is similar to the main inspiration named PUBG.

Obviously, the gameplay in PC will not have any significant change compared to what players use on mobile devices. Additionally, you will realize that you will feel more excited while playing the game on a bigger screen than Terminator 2.

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About Rules of Survival PC

Rules of Survival PC version was published by NetEase Games and released on November 14, 2017. It is a crazy combat where you can play solo or join a group. There are a variety of powerful weapons and gear. However, it has some cons, for example, it looks as same as other PUBG versions. Aside from that, it has many awkward controls and a buggy gameplay. You can say that it is the overview of ROS.

Rules of Survival is a free-to-play 3D mobile battle royale shooter game that you can find something familiar to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite.

After you accept to enter the game, either alone or together with four friends, you should get ready to step into an intense match for survival where you can compete against up to 120 people. At the beginning, you do not forget to act smartly. Choose the best time and the most point to jump out of the airplane. Parachute, drop off and land on the appropriate spot on an abandoned vast island. Quickly, it turns into an arena. Note that, you and everybody will not be given anything. Therefore, you’d better rush to collect weaponry or search for an armor as well as gather other resources. All of them are effective for you during the upcoming battle. You can head forward with others or sit back and wait for the stupid guys kill each other. The ultimate objective that you need to accomplish is to become the last standing man. Much like other game inspired by the style of the Battle Royale game, the gaming area of Rules of Survival will continuously shrink in size. It is restricted by a circle that can gradually cause damage to players. You are recommended to reach the middle of that ring in order to avoid attacks and survive, at the cost of being near more dangerous clans. You can detect a big collection of firearms to use and take control of various vehicles. Besides, you can unlock a lot of cosmetic upgrades if you visit the shop. There are plenty of looks to improve the appearance of your character.

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Events and Equipment


Key Features

  • Battle Royale Combat – Fight to be the final survivor on a deserted island. Use your wits and abilities to keep you safe whilst you are in Rules of Survival.
  • Solo or Multiplayer Gameplay – You can queue up for a game solo or participate in a party with buddies. From the favorite choice, you can begin to roam and discover your way.
  • Variety of Weaponry – You can equip yourself with several weapons and armor that you can look for them while you are moving across the area. You can pick up some helmets that protect your head from deadly shots.
  • Massive Game Map – Airdrop onto a very large island which is filled with old, damaged and forsaken buildings. Try to figure out multiple tactics as soon as possible to take over the leaderboard!
  • Abandoned Vehicles – Hop into one of the available vehicles on the road of Rules of Survival PC and move hurriedly to the destination you aim or simply crash through dangerous territory.

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