Rules of Survival Body Armor

Body Armor is a kind of amazing equipment in Rules of Survival game. Your character needs to be armed with this thing before he/she launches the adventure. At the moment, there are three levels of the Body Armor. Once wearing them, you will decrease the damage inflicted to your body when you get attacked by the rivals. The amount of damage given to the body will be different according to the levels. The level 1 armor helps reduce 30%, the level 2 armor decreases 40%, while the level 3 armor reduce up to 55%.

Body Armor LV 1

Body Armor Lv 1

Reduces 30% of the damage dealt to body

Body Armor LV 2

Body Armor Lv 2

Reduces 40% of the damage dealt to body

Body Armor LV 3

Body Armor Lv 3

Reduces 55% of the damage dealt to body

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