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The release date of Rules of Survival game is the great news for all of the Battle Royale Mobile fans. Now, these guys will be able to seize the rare opportunity to play and experience a brand new multiplayer shooter. We can say that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a significant source of inspiration for Rules of Survival. However, you will soon find out the own charms once you accept to enter the challenge.

Currently, the game is available for the player to download and enjoy on mobile devices without difficulty. Not only that, those who are using the Android platforms can freely download it to their devices.

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About Rules of Survival Game

After you step into the world of your Rules of Survival game, you and other people will have to take control of your weapons as well as selecting abilities, and even find the appropriate tactics skillfully in order to defend yourself and fight against the other opponents. The area where you are trying to keep you safe can contain up to 120 persons at a time. However, you will not be armed with anything. Because of that reason, you must act carefully at the beginning.

You will start your story by parachuting and you can drop off the airplane and land on a deserted island. It is regarded as the main battlefield. Next, you can see that you are playing the role of a solitary fighter and remember that you are not equipped with any gear or item. Therefore, you should wander around the map and search for some useful stuff. Pick up them and get ready to manage them in a wise method since that is helpful to cope with your rivals.

If you suppose that you are strong enough, you can leave the protected spot in your survival game and be prepared to beat the enemy around you. You will battle alone or you can form a small party consisting of 4 teammates if you’d like to work together with some friends. Indeed, as you have ever seen before, you can realize that playing together with your team is much better than becoming a single player due to you guys can support each other stay alive every dangerous situation effortlessly. So, you and your buddies are recommended to show up your skills to overcome all risks which coming from the poison gas spreading rapidly or incoming bullets of the other gang or intense gunfights, and so on. Make sure you will have the time to collect as many objects as possible. Attempt to improve your strategies and deploy them smartly in order to beat every danger.

Like PUBG game, Rules of Survival mobile version will provide to the participant a safe zone. It is the place that can passively slowly reduce its size while the combat does not stop. Do not ignore that change and strive to complete your mission as fast as you can! It is one of the easiest tasks reserved for you. Aside from that, it is considered as an exciting element that can increase the difficulty level while you are being surrounded and attacked by aggressive antagonists. Are you willing to take part in a violent struggle and end it up with the achievement that you have obtained? Do not forget to be the last survivor! It is a big goal!

In-game Features

The Survival Game gives you several fantastic features that you can explore during the game. They include:

  • Run or Fight? To answer the question, you will rely on your decision. In a vast HP map, you will have the chance to join a true fair match.
  • Be the last standing man! You are allowed to determine your style without cost. Thus, you can check your capability in the solo mode or create a group.
  • The number of weapons and everything is very not same. You can choose any of them to release deadly hits.
  • You can drive vehicles and pass through many different terrains.

How to Play Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival game has a gameplay mechanics similar to what you have met in PUBG game. But, it still has its key points. It is not too hard to learn and master how to engage the game, and you are advised to have a look at or follow the basics below.

  • After you download and install Rules of Survival, you can begin to launch it right away.
  • Do not forget to set a name to your character! Click on the button and you can spawn later!
  • Next, you can opt for the game mode that you love such as Solo, Duo, or Squad. Press “Ready” after that!
  • There are plenty of things are displayed on the new screen of your mobile phone, for example, the quantity of the existing players who are joining with you at that moment, a few icons marking your activities like punching the foe with the bare hands, running, jumping, shooting, and much more.

Generally, if you participate in Rules of Survival game on your mobile device, you can tap the screen to interact with everything and handle actions of the character.

System Requirements

  • To boot the Rules of Survival mobile version game, you should power your mobile devices by Android.
  • Additionally, the version of it must be 4.0 at least.

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