Rules of Survival Notice Dec.28

The development teal of Rules of Survival gladly announces to all players about the new update as well as welcome a brand new year. The loyal fans of this Battle Royale game are highly recommended to explore this new update not only because of new features, more enhancements, new bug fixes, but also a brand new mode called Zombie Battle. A certain virus appears in the game and it’s gradually ruining almost everything on the playfield. The soldiers are turning into steel-limbed zombies! You will undergo a fierce combat between these zombies and you aim to rule the battleground.

The game will go through this update on Dec 28. You should check it out for more things! But before exploring the update, you are suggested to take a look at the maintenance times in different areas.

Maintenance times

  • UTC: 07:00 AM – 09:00 AM, Dec. 28, 2017
  • PST: 11:00 PM, Dec. 27 – 01:00 AM, Dec. 28, 2017
  • AST: 03:00 AM – 05:00, Dec. 28, 2017
  • CCT: 15:00 – 17:00, Dec. 28, 2017

The completion time is just an approximation. It probably takes longer.

Update on December 28


  • Zombie mode and discount page to the market place are two awesome new things included in the game.
  • For the new zombie mode: The players can select it when they are in the matchmaking menu. Some of you will come out again as zombies in each round. You are able to jump over the roofs or walls as zombies and try to fight against other to become the ruler of the whole playfield.
  • Discount page to the marketplace: With this new thing, you can freely convert diamonds into gold coins. The diamonds can be used to purchase special items, like delivery set, Xmas reindeer set, firefighter set and an adorable cute bear parachute. If you want to get the sale outfits, you should try to get them soon because they are only available in a restricted period of time. They won’t be achieved or available to purchase when the Christmas event comes to its end.
  • You can use a new assault rifle called AS VAL. Try to get it in the supply drops. The weapon includes two firing modes, a default 4x scope with a silencer. These things can’t be detached.
  • You will see a new voice chat function in the main lobby.


  • Reduced the vehicle HP a bit, however, the vehicle turn radius was enlarged.
  • Enhanced the forward jump motion of the player. You will experience a smoother movement.
  • The feel of your character’s sprint went through an optimization after firing weapon.
  • Reduced the single shot mode recoil recovery speed of some weapons, such as M4A1, AKM, AR15, and M1 4EBR.
  • Already switched the default scope of AWM to 4x scope.
  • The effect of flashbang can’t display properly, but now, this issue got resolved. Already increased the time of blinding effect of the flashbang.
  • The throwing distance of the throwable items is much more enhanced now.
  • Made an alteration to the effect color that will appear when a target is beaten by a bullet. You can recognize it easily.

Overall experience

  • The developers will now punish the hacker who was caught in the game.
  • The gameplay underwent an optimization, you won’t experience the freezes while trying to gather objects.

Audio and visual effects

  • Added unique sound effects to some amazing melee weapons, including frying pan, crowbar, rubber chicken. When you swing them around, you will hear the sounds.
  • Background music will be played when you are on the login menu.
  • Attached the handling sounds of MP7 and PP19 to the game again.
  • The sound effects of the three-wheeler experienced an optimization.
  • The characters won’t hold the melee weapons in their hands when they swim.


  • Enhanced the login announcements. Leaderboard, chat, and friends list in the main lobby also underwent updates too.
  • To send the messages in the Global and team-up channels for reducing the ads and spam, you are recommended to reach Bronze II and above.
  • The layout of Settings menu underwent an alteration again.
  • Already optimized the look of the little eye button.

PC Version

  • The PC underwent a specific update, which optimized the video card to upgrade the graphic quality as well as the framerate.
  • Sometimes, the game graphics become blurry after away from the keyboard for a time, and this kind of issue was fixed.
  • The tips won’t show on the screen sliding/swiping after you enter a vehicle in the PC version.

Bug fixing

  • The hairline of the male moxi dry hairstyle didn’t exhibit properly and naturally, but this issue was solved.
  • The sound effects occasionally cut off before playing through, and this problem was solved.
  • Already fixes all the crashes, and the app won’t experience those crashes anymore.
  • The game invites feature won’t undergo further issues or failures when you try to send your invitations to other friends.
  • Solved a bug making the trees glow or flicker when you are ranged into a weapon.
  • You will see the gold icon in the game mail now.
  • The titles in the mail of the game occasionally display in a wrong way, after undergoing a fix, they will display properly now.
  • The real-time voice chat reception logic underwent an optimization. The audio volume was greatly improved too.

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