Rules of Survival Notice Jan.10

Rules of Survival game is much more improved thanks to some updates that it went through. Now, you will grab a chance to explore a new update coming out on Jan 10. This new update focuses on some features that have been included in the game, along with several enhancements and alterations. It’s so important to check out all the updates because you will learn what changes have been made to this Battle Royale game. Also, the game will undergo new maintenance times in different areas.

Maintenance times

  • UTC: 07: 00 AM – 09:00 AM, Jan. 10, 2018
  • PST: 11:00 PM, Jan. 9 – 01:00 AM, Jan. 10, 2018
  • AST: 03:00 AM – 05:00 AM, Jan.10, 2018
  • CCT: 15:00 – 16:00, Jan. 10, 2018
  • JST: 16:00 – 18:00, Jan. 10, 2018

The time for the maintenance to be completed is just an estimate, and it can run longer.

Patch notes

New features

  • Feel free to experience forearm camo feature now. You can totally change lots of camos for many weapons under the Looks interface. All the gathered firearms in the battle will be adjusted to the set camos. The camos won’t affect the game, but they will have an effect on the firearms’ looks.
  • You can explore a new look called Bunny Girl! Also, there are two firearm random camo packs in the store for now.
  • The Looks interface was much upgraded and optimized already. Just feel free to use the regular Look Shards, the advanced Look Sharks, or the diamonds directly if you want, then spend them on new chase looks.
  • Now you can discover the Token Store! More tokens will be granted to you if the game is shared daily. Then, wisely use them to exchange for many things, such as gold, restricted looks and lots of nice items that can be purchased in the store. This awesome feature will bring you many new items in the next updates.
  • With an Advanced Supply Box, you will get a high chance to find a special Punk Set through the opening advanced supply boxes. Try to get more special sets by checking out the advanced supply boxes or combining advanced Look Shards.
  • Team-up request feature is currently available in the game now. You can use this to send a lot of team-up requests in the team channel. If you do so, you can find further players and let them take part in your team.
  • Spectate feature is approachable in the Battle Result now. You will be able to spectate and watch over your teammates after they got killed.


  • The special audio cues for the zombies are featured already.
  • A wider scope of audio cues was given to the zombies.

Audio and visual effects

  • The new action of bicycle passengers was featured in the game. The passengers are able to sit sideways at the back, and then give the one sitting on the front a sweet hug.
  • No more Xmas stuff! Xmas Apples, Xmas candies, and Xmas hats are all gone.
  • You will hear a sound when the bullets zip past the enemies.
  • Enhanced and much optimized the zombies’ sound effects.
  • The BGM was adjusted before you parachute down on the battleground.


  • Made an enhancement to the visual effects of the tactical map.
  • Made an optimization to the display logic of meds.
  • Once changing the duplicate looks is done, the details will be exhibited.
  • When you try having some new looks in the store, you will be able to make a bunch of random poses.
  • Already upgraded the Share Look feature. The pictures shared will display the types of the looks, such as headwear, top, bottom, etc.
  • The remaining validity time of Weekly and Monthly Passes were displayed.
  • When a vehicle destroys a player, its name will be shown now.
  • Now you will see an exclusive get off icon on the boats, this will help you distinguish between the land vehicles.

PC Version

  • Upgraded and optimized the exhibition distance of grass.
  • Display the sports drink quick command (0) under its icon.

Bug fixes

  • The wrong default graphic settings were already fixed.
  • When you dash and hold firearms in your hand, you will hear some unusual sound effects of your footprints, and this bug was fixed.
  • Solved a bug causing the red notification dots of expired mail to display wrongly.
  • No more black spots turn up on the Reindeers Pants!

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