Rules of Survival Notice Nov.23

Rules of Survival Notice Nov 23

Here comes another update of Rules of Survival game with a lot of interesting features and content that are worthy of checking out. As you know, this Battle Royale game already experienced several updates before, and it won’t stop undergoing further updates. The gaming performance will be much more upgraded, giving you a better experience when you join it. Let’s find out what new features were added to the game!

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New features

  • Now all the health kits are already replaced with the delicious turkeys. This is such a great feature added to the game. You can totally eat up these tasty turkeys to increase and regenerate your HP.
  • If you want to let others know your battle results, just feel free to share them on your Facebook.
  • The game includes a new character now. She is available for you to play as and you can check her out on the playfield.

These added features promise to make your game more exciting to play!

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