Rules of Survival Notice Nov.29

With this update of Rules of Survival, you will explore several alterations, improvements and bug fixes that were made to bring you a better experience. As you know, Rules of Survival has been already out for several months, and it’s developed by NetEase Games. The game is a nice clone of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game, but you will surely get a new experience when it brings you different features with stunning effects. The gameplay mechanics are exclusive, with the inclusion of a wide range of weapons, diverse items, and handy equipment. You will get a chance to discover all of them during the combat! Besides checking out the patch notes in this update, you will first take a look at a detailed schedule of maintenance for every single region. Check it out!

Maintenance times

Maintenance times

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Patch notes


Already made some changes to the limited number of players in Duo and Squad fights. For now, the game only has 60 players.

Adjusted the movement speed while you are trying to fire enemies. You won’t move at a faster speed anymore if you try to shoot a weapon.

Modified the fall damage already, and now if you take a fall from a height, you will get damaged for sure.

If you got damaged by jumping off of a moving vehicle, you wouldn’t get injured much because the damage was reduced.

Already developed the spawn rate of body armor and backpacks.

Made some optimizations to the control and handling of the vehicle.

The matching parameters were changed.

Already optimized and improved the lobby with the parachute slowdown.

The left-hand cancel throw function was added to the game, so now feel free to enjoy it.

The movement, position alterations and jumping in scope view were all optimized.

You can now use a cancel function in the scope mode.

New features

The game now consists of a new weather system. You will experience lots of weathers in just one match, like sunny, dusk, dawn, foggy.

A gold reward is a new feature in the game, now you can get 200 bonus gold right after completing your daily first match.

The logo screen doesn’t look like it used to be anymore. It got changed, also, you will be able to enjoy the stunning 3D effect.

Bicycles were just added to the game. You can use them to move more quickly. However, they won’t be as fast as the machine vehicles.

Sounds and graphics

The air-drop effect got enhanced, which enables the players to find the air-drops.

Some sound effects were added to the game, they were set off by utilizing some items.

The sound effects when opening or closing the doors or even making some footsteps were much enhanced.

The dying visual effects were upgraded.


Already improved the UI of using throwables so as to develop the accuracy.

Upgraded the logical of real-time audio. You need to allow the microphone whenever you engage in the game.

Already upgraded the sequence of quick commands.

Upgraded the UI of battle results. Included more information of gold that was obtained from the battle.

Made an improvement to a chatbox in the lobby.

Upgraded the fast commands UI. Also fixed an issue when the commands were wrongly screened out.

Jumping or crouching doesn’t obstruct and interrupt your action anymore.

Made an alteration to the avatar of the instructor in the prep zone.

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